Free Parking

Airport Parking

Are you tired of the high cost to park at the airport while you travel? This will no longer be a concern for you when you fly in to or out of the St. Cloud Regional Airport.

We appreciate your business and are happy to offer free parking to those who utilize our airport. You can park for free while you are away on your trip. There’s no need to notify the airport for those short trips - just park in our large parking area in front of the airline terminal building or on the west side of the building and enjoy your trip! It’s safe, well-lit, conveniently located, simple and free.

Please note:  PARKING IS LIMITED at busy travel times of the year (around any holiday, school break or spring break). Like any airport, there’s a constant rotation of passengers in/out to open up spaces. We recommend that local folks get a ride to/from the airport or use taxi, and that others arrive at the airport early, certainly more than two hours before your flight, to have the greatest chance of a parking spot. We will do our very best to accommodate with the resources available.

Extended Stays

If you are staying for more than 30 days, please contact the administrative office, 320-255-7292, Ext. 3, or email the Airport, and leave word of your name, contact phone number, vehicle make and model, license plate number, departure date and estimated return date so that we know that the vehicle hasn’t been abandoned when doing our parking lot inspections.

Overflow Parking

As a special request, if you are physically able, please use the overflow parking lots or park toward the back (north) of the main parking lot farthest from the front doors to leave space for our less-mobile and corporate customers. We only have four handicapped spaces and need many more than that with the range of clientele we serve. Thank you!

Parking Lot Diagram

20180321 Parking Panoramic
03202019 Allegiant Parking from west