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Employment Information

The St. Cloud Regional Airport is owned and operated by the City of St Cloud. View a listing of any city employment opportunities.

So you want to work at the airport?

St. Cloud Regional Airport is currently owned by the City of St. Cloud. There are seven city employees: Airport Director, Airport Secretary, and five Maintenance and Operations personnel (no openings currently). For those positions, one needs to apply through St. Cloud City Hall Human Resources.

Everyone else working on the airfield is a tenant or contractor of the airport. If you want to be an Air Traffic Controller, contact Midwest ATC. If you want to be a TSA security officer, go to www.TSA.gov. If you want to work on the front line fueling and marshaling planes, contact St. Cloud Aviation. If you want to work in avionics or mechanics, contact St. Cloud Aviation. If you want to be a flight instructor or pilot charters, contact Wright Aero. If you want to work for the airline, the ground handler is Trego/Dugan, a company hired by airlines to do ticket counter, handle baggage, and marshal planes. Trego/Dugan's employment ads are on Indeed.com, or there's a job application available that can be completed for St. Cloud's station manager.

Employment opportunities may exist with these other businesses located at the airport. Additional contact info is located below. More details can be found here. For your information, individuals with interest in aviation can participate in local groups on the airfield as listed here.


For more information on employment opportunities, please contact these businesses directly.