1. FlYiNg PaNcAkEs!

    The time has come and we hope to see you this Sunday! Come early and watch a very full 737 lift off to Laughlin, NV at 7:50 am. Civil Air Patrol is having their Pancake and Sausage Fly-in/Drive-in on Sunday, June 26, 2016, from 8am-1pm. There is more...
  2. Enroll in TSA Pre-Check in St. Cloud!

  3. The Real I.D. Act and TSA's Response to Forms of Identification

    We have been receiving many calls regarding driver's licenses from states such as Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York that soon won't suffice as valid IDs for domestic flights, and that a second form of ID will be needed to get past TSA. Read on...
  4. $$ Foreign Currency Exchange $$

    Please note that St. Cloud Regional Airport DOES NOT exchange foreign currency. We have been informed that St. Cloud's downtown US Bank and Wells Fargo will handle these requests under certain circumstances (ie: no coins, customers only, for a fee, etc.)
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  1. Air Show
  1. See What’s Going on at STC

    View the most recent upcoming events, activities, and shows at St. Cloud Regional Airport. Read more>>